Technology Panels

Intelliclear offers nine customized technology research panels, each one powered by long-term strategic partner Luth Research. The panels include carefully-selected IT decision makers across all business sizes and sectors, as well as consumers, making available thousands of potential respondents in North America. These panels allow Intelliclear to deliver a new level of quality, statistical relevance, and value for surveys, conjoint studies, and other research requiring selective recruiting. Based on Intelliclear’s robust screeners, these panels can deliver exceptional recruiting for quantitative research in the IT space with ease, confidence and timeliness.

Panel I. Across-The-Board Business IT Decision Makers

Panel II. Small Business IT Decision Makers

Panel III. Medium Business IT Decision Makers

Panel IV. Large Enterprise IT Decision Makers

Panel V. Entrepreneurs – IT Decision Makers

Panel VI. Healthcare Sector IT Decision Makers

Panel VII. Data Center IT Decision Makers

Panel VIII. Data Center Facilities Managers

Panel IX. Consumer Household IT/CE Decision Makers

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