Professional Moderation

promodThe single most critical component to a focus group is the moderator. An excellent moderator is able to easily navigate the subject matter with or without the guide, draw out participant thoughts and feelings, and keep the group interested and energetic. IntelliClear offers professional moderation of focus groups for those clients who need only a moderator and not turn-key focus groups. Moderators are selected from a distinguished group of IPN professionals, including Eric Shuster and Alex Kalamarides – who are both considered two of the industry’s top focus groups moderators, having effectively executed focus groups for industry leaders across a wide array of subject matters including PC usage, networking, wireless, IT security, messaging, design conceptualization, distribution, service, and other IT related subjects. Moderating services cover both English and non-English speaking focus groups, covering a select number of countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

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