Focus Groups

focusgroupsOne of the cornerstone methodologies of qualitative research is focus groups, a hallmark expertise of IntelliClear. A focus group is a research technique that involves bringing together a group of pre-screened individuals into one room for the purposes of having a collective discussion using a structured discussion guide. Focus groups can be conducted either in person (traditional) or online via the Internet (see Traditional vs Online to evaluate what is the best solution for your project). A well planned and executed focus group can yield powerful insights into how individuals think and react to specific ideas and stimulus. At IntelliClear our IT savvy team, led by two of the industry’s leading focus group moderators in Eric Shuster and Alex Kalamarides, applies creative design, disciplined recruiting, dynamic moderation, and actionable synthesis to each of the focus group projects we undertake. IntelliClear focus groups deliver results-oriented conclusions and recommendations to our clients. The IntelliClear Partner Network (IPN) provides English and non-English venues across the United States and select international countries.

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