Market Segmentation

marketEric Shuster and Alex Kalamarides of IntelliClear are considered two of the industry’s leading authorities on market segmentation, including the application and operationalization of market segmentation in real world market situations. IntelliClear leverages the experiences of its principals to deliver an integrated solution in both the development and application phases of market segmentation. Segmentation models can be driven from a quantitative perspective using a robust volume of new or existing data through the process of multi-variate cluster analysis or complex data modeling. If an appropriate volume of data is not available, segmentation models can be created utilizing a process of qualitative negotiation. In both cases IntelliClear focuses on customer acquisition targeting and campaign actionability to produce segmentation models that perform in the market, not just on paper. Once the segmentation model is developed and validated, the professionals at IntelliClear can use the segmentation as a framework to apply real-world experiences and insights in creating effective go-to-market strategies and execution plans that generate results.

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