IntelliClear Announces the Addition of New Cutting Edge Mobile Research Capabilities

New Mobile Collection Innovations Expand IntelliClear’s Qualitative and Quantitative Research Portfolio

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, February 19, 2013 – IntelliClear today announced a new line of cutting-edge research capabilities directed to mobile devices powered by the Research Now Mobile platform. The mobile enhancements expand an already robust IntelliClear research portfolio, and add a customizable survey platform, native and web application capabilities, GPS targeting, image and audio capture, calendar triggers, and ethnographic profiling on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. These unique mobile resources, combined with the IntelliClear hallmarks of design and synthesis, will deliver unparalleled results for “in-the-moment” studies by accessing hard-to-reach segments on their mobile devices.

“Experimentation with mobile-enabled research in 2011 and 2012 is clearly leading to a tipping point in 2013 where this is expected to move into the mainstream” says Dr. Alex Kalamarides, IntelliClear’s Managing Director. IntelliClear CEO Eric Shuster adds: “The Research Now Mobile platform is the premier mobile research platform offering outstanding panel coverage among mobile professionals in multiple industries including IT and healthcare.” The new mobile research capabilities are immediately available from IntelliClear and will be utilized across qualitative research studies such as forums, mystery shopper and ethnographic studies as well as quantitative surveys and behavioral data collection.

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