IntelliClear Tells Stakeholders How to Thrive in the Intimidating New World of BYOD

Latest Whitepaper Examines the “Bring Your Own Device” Concept and How the IT Continuum Must Answer the Call

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, March 26, 2012 – IntelliClear today released its latest whitepaper titled Thriving in a BYOD World, authored by IntelliClear Principals Eric Shuster, CEO, and Alex Kalamarides, Ph.D., Managing Director. True to one of IntelliClear’s unique value-adds, this latest release synthesizes 26 different publicly available sources of data and information to create an integrated whitepaper that examines the emerging “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend—an outgrowth of the continuing consumer-driven product evolution of IT.

“We’ve been observing BYOD for a number of quarters and believe the momentum is now at a point of no return” says Eric Shuster, CEO of IntelliClear. The whitepaper takes the reader through a brief review of IT consumerization before diving into specific companies embracing BYOD, the potential benefits and downsides of BYOD, and finishes with the roles of end users, IT, executive management, device and technology manufacturers, software developers and solutions providers and distributors in making BYOD a success in the enterprise.

BYOD was highlighted in the January 11th release of IntelliClear’s Top Ten Technology Trends of 2012 and will continue to be an area of focus for the Colorado Springs-based market research firm. Alex Kalamarides, Managing Director of IntelliClear, adds: “The disruptive nature of BYOD to the traditional IT framework—in the same way virtualization, the cloud, and even the internet caused IT to retool and take notice—is likely to be even bigger and will fundamentally change the dynamics of how the IT continuum operates.”

Thriving in a BYOD World is immediately available for free download from the IntelliClear library of whitepapers on the IntelliClear website.

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